Cheapest Car Rental

With the soaring prices of gas and fuel, even a weekend trip can be an expensive proposition. This cost is not alone and surges abruptly when you need to pay monthly installments too for the bought car. If all these factors are on your mind and asking you to reconsider your financial circumstances, then opting for car renting and car leasing services would serve you in the best way. Car hire and leasing has gained high popularity in Singapore and worldwide in very short span of time.

Evergreen Rent A Car promises to give the best possible offer to its customers by providing them cheapest car rental services in Singapore. In simple terms, we provide successful car rental and car leasing experience that combines together with many features such as model of car, its current working condition, respective price, duration and more.

Vehicle rental in Singapore is becoming widely popular and more and more people are opting for renting and leasing than buying a car. We facilitate our customers to choose a car of their choice from broad categories which also means that they have been given a chance to customize things as per their requirements. We provide details and specifications about cars including mileage and required fuel which helps customers choosing the car which fits the purpose aptly.

We understand that insurance coverage is another big issue while opting for cheapest car rental services in Singapore. Our experts after analyzing the situation for different packages suggest the most suitable and best insurance cover to customers. This saves customers’ time to understand complicated insurance plans and which often bewilder them when they are on the counter. Right information about these things provides a peace of mind to customers and saves them from overpaying unknowingly.

Having an experience of over 50 long years, Evergreen Rent A Car offers a variety of cars quoted with reasonable prices, covered with 24 hours unlimited mileage rental, maintenance and insurance. All these features make the best deal of cheapest car rental service in Singapore.


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